Organizing a baby shower without the proper knowledge and information can quickly turn into a nightmare and a daunting experience. With the appropriate knowledge, even the first-timer can run a successful baby shower with more ease.

If you remember and follow the suggestions listed above, you have a good chance of running a successful and memorable baby shower.

Baby showers have their origin in ancient times. Like other things, the way and manner in which they are planned and celebrated have changed over time. Here are something’s that you should bear in mind when planning a baby shower today.

1. Know the culture of the would-be parents.

Because baby showers are steeped in tradition and customs, it is important to have a good idea of what is culturally acceptable by the would-be parents and what is not. People do not necessarily throw away their culture because they live in modern times. Knowing the cultural limitations makes the celebration more memorable and worthwhile.

2. Know the needs of the parents to be

It is pointless giving gifts that recipients can not use. Would-be parents need things for the new baby and are probably stretched to their limits. It would be only worth their while if the gifts they get help to alleviate this burden. Where the gender of the baby is known in advance, give gifts that are gender appropriate.

3. Know the best time to schedule your shower

As the hostess, it behooves you to know when to schedule the baby shower for maximum benefit and impact. Do not schedule your shower too early or too late. Expecting couples need all the financial help they can get. Scheduling a shower too late may mean that the couple had already bought all the things they need for the baby.

4. Know the physical needs of the expecting mother

Pregnancy puts enormous physical challenges and demand for the expecting mother, especially if it is their first pregnancy. It is a good idea to locate the shower closer to home to avoid putting additional strain on an already over-challenged mother-to-be.

5. Know who is on your guest list

The success and failure of a baby shower to a certain extent depend on the attendance. How responsive is your list. Did you consult the couple when compiling your guest list? Remember this is their baby shower, not yours. You are only a vessel in the actualization of this event.

6. Know your refreshment plan

Preparing for and feeding even the smallest group of people can quickly turn into a nightmare if no adequate plans are made for that. Set up a plan about what to serve and how to serve it and work your plan. Make room for emergencies that may arise.

7. Know your plan for entertainment

What is your plan for entertainment? Do you have games that your guests can play? Board games and puzzles make for easy and entertaining games that your guests can play. You might want to organize some kind of poetry reading, depending on the mix of your guests. You can have guests come with their own poems written for the occasion to share with others.

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