As a kid, I used to play golf so much that I could tell you what a pain it was. When I had to travel, I used to be stuck in traffic, I couldn’t find a comfortable hotel room and I always lost my golf clubs when I took a shower.

That’s because I developed bad habits at an early age and I needed to unlearn them. And for that reason, I spent hours researching the many golf training techniques that exist.

“Tiger Woods was named after a dead old words,” the famous golfer said recently. So he does have a point when he says there are two sides to the game of golf. While he did train hard in his youth and think that he had the skills to beat some players, he then turned around and bettered them later in life.

So, let’s talk about the difference between training and playing golf. That’s the next step on the road to golf mastery.

There is no shortage of golf training. When you spend your days searching for the best golf instruction, you end up wasting your time by missing out on your opportunities. A good example of this is when a golfer just wants to be able to stand up from the tee box and hit his golf ball straight.

Too often, golfers spend their training time on a range and strive to hit the ball through the hole every time. You can’t practice what you don’t do. This means you need to join a professional golf course to get the proper golf training, but you can use your range time to drill the proper swing.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched a golfer stand around in a heavy bag and fire the ball straight down the fairway. I’ve also seen them hit the ball in the middle of the fairway and hit it on the green, all because they didn’t use their range time to take an accurate swing.

Some people want to learn the proper way to hit a power line shots. I also remember seeing two golfers who literally stood around hitting the ball out of a bunker instead of hitting it right at the hole.

With proper training, you can improve your basic golf skills like hitting a fairway wood to get over the pin. Your swing speed can be improved, and you can learn proper golf etiquette.

But if you have no desire to become a great amateur golfer, how do you get better? Now the answer becomes much simpler. Practice.

Playing golf is not the same as watching TV for hours on end. You have to be active while learning new golf training techniques. That means you will have to set aside your desire to win and stop thinking about how bad your game is.

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