We all know that one of the leading causes of sleep apnea is an uncomfortable sleeping position; however, what about snoring? For many people, snoring is a serious problem that greatly diminishes their quality of life.

The major cause of snoring is sleep apnea, which is when the airway closes up while sleeping and this causes the snoring to occur. Since it is so common, most doctors would recommend a person go to sleep surgery as a way to cure their snoring problem. This is because snoring causes a host of different health issues for those who have it.

Sleep apnea is caused by several factors. Lack of sleep, if you have a job that keeps you up late at night or even something as simple as being overweight can contribute to snoring. Another major cause of snoring is obesity because that puts extra pressure on the throat doesn’t have room to expand in healthy individuals. Since the throat is compressed, the airflow is reduced causing vibrations in the throat and also causing the back of the throat to close up causing snoring.

Sleep apnea causes most people to have nighttime coughing. It can make you feel run down and tired during the day, but it will not affect your daily functioning. If snoring is present, it will interfere with your ability to breathe correctly and your speech.

There are various types of treatment available for those who suffer from snoring. One type of treatment for snoring is called anti-snoring pillows.

Some of these anti-snoring pillows are fully adjustable in how they adjust for neck support while others just adjust your neck, but you have the choice. One way is to change the degree of back support, such as with side or full pillows. These can be purchased separately or you can buy a set that comes with them.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to purchase one that has a slight increase in shoulder support that seems to tighten that small rubber ring. Instead, look for the ones that have added comfort by using foam padding on the soft mattress and adjusting the angle of the head and neck support.

It is a good thing that most pillows do not cause new wear on your mattress, but it is still recommended to wash it every now and then in hot water to eliminate buildup and dirt. That small rubber ring may be hard to get off and cause some irritation, but just use some baby oil to get rid of it. The foam in the pillows is not meant to be used again, it is used so that you can get a better night’s sleep.

Your goal is to decrease the amount of air circulation around your head and throat. Also, your throat needs some oxygenated air for oxygenation to take place, so you want to get rid of air trapped inside your throat to allow more of it to get through. A pillow will help with all of these reasons and just feels so good in your hands.

Do you need sleep that doesn’t interfere with your daily activities? Consider buying a snoring pillow.

Your snoring pillows are designed to give the neck and throat muscles a bit of a rest, enabling more oxygenated air to enter your body for the same amount of breathing effort. I will be going over more detail on how a snoring pillow works in the next article.

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