First Acne affects almost 90% of the adolescent population. So you are not alone. Also, it is not normally anything you have done, eaten, or the way you wash. So you do not need to feel guilty. So let us look at some facts

1) Junk food causes acne. Wrong! Pizza, chocolate, coke, or any other junk food has never been proven to cause this. That does not mean to say you should carry on eating all this junk food. A sensible diet is good for everyone and helps you feel better.

2) Acne is caused by dirt. Wrong! Actually washing your face more than twice a day or scrubbing your face, with pads or flannels will make it worse. Acne treatment needs mild gentle soap and to rinse thoroughly.

3) Sweat will clear my pores. Wrong! A mixture of body sweat and oils can aggravate certain situations for some acne sufferers. Shower immediately after any sport and wear loose clothing.

4) Women’s Make-up can cause Acne. Wrong! No scientific evidence has been found to verify this. Most products today are made to stop the clogging of the pores. So this is not the problem. Do not wear make-up though when exercising as this can irritate the problem.

5) Stress Causes Acne. Wrong! To an extent. Stress can trigger off some hormones, which could aggravate the situation. But it is not the cause.

6) You Cannot Cure Acne. But you can treat it! There are a lot of good acne treatments on the market. See your doctor.

7) Sun can help. Wrong! It can in time worsen the situation in time. A tan might give the effect that your skin looks better, but it certainly will do it no good.

8) Spot Acne Treatment Works. Wrong! The whole face has to be treated. Most of the problems are formed under the skin. So treating the top of the spot is not going to do anything.

9) You, Will, Outgrow It. Wrong! Acne is treatable. Don’t wait to see a doctor ASAP.

10) It’s Only Cosmetic. Well yes. It is not serious. But it can affect you, your self-esteem, and your confidence. So get it treated and become acne-free.

Just a few words of advice,

Don’t pick or squeeze, keep your hands off your face, find something and stick with it, do not overwash, do not use flannels or hard scrubs.

Lastly Good Luck.

Howard Burton

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