Have you ever dreamed of being like JK Rowling, Steven King, or Danielle Steel? Each of these individuals makes tons of money romping through their imaginations as they create fascinating novels. Well, if you form a home-based business around ghostwriting, you can be just like them. You may not get their fame, but you will get their salaries as a ghostwritten novel of 250 pages starts at an astounding $20,000.

So, how exactly can you form a home-based business around ghostwriting? First, you will need a portfolio. This is an essential element of any home-based business. This portfolio should contain your resume, contactable references, and most importantly previous novels you have written and published. Ghostwriters who find the most success for their home-based business tend to have already been picked up by a major publishing company. But if you haven’t been able to do that, don’t worry. You can still make a portfolio for your ghostwriting business by using a print-on-demand service. These are companies that will publish your book at a nominal fee. If someone would like to purchase your book, the print-on-demand company would then do what is necessary to offer them a printed copy. Although this is not as prestigious as getting recognition from a regular publishing company, it still shows that you have the capacity for completing a novel.

The next thing you will need to if you want to make a home-based business around ghostwriting is to create a website. This can be done through a word processor, HTML editor, or through templates provided with a web hosting company. Of these alternatives, you will find that it is easiest if you use a web hosting company. All you really have to do is type in your information, and within less than an hour, you will have a home-based business site. And when it comes to the information you use on your site, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just include the following elements: samples of your work, links to where your published material can be bought, testimonials, and most importantly pricing. Many ghostwriters neglect to put pricing information on their site because they fear it will drive customers away. But your potential customers will have a lot of appreciation for you if you put that info upfront for them since it saves them the time of making an extra inquiry. If your prices are incredibly high, list what your fee is per hour or per page rather than per novel. This way consumers with less money may still consider you for partial ghostwriting projects.

Once your website is up, you will need to market your new home-based business. The best way to do this is by targeting individuals who are rich, (those making six-figure salaries). These are the markets that are more likely to be able to pay the $20,000 plus a fee for a ghostwritten novel. To market to these individuals you will need to do a bit of sleuthing. You can start by driving around the rich communities in your area. Have a passenger take note of the addresses. You now have what you need to embark on a direct mail campaign. When you create your postcard, try to appeal to a person’s sense of self-actualization by emphasizing the fame and fortune they can get by publishing a novel. However, keep in mind that even for the rich $20,000 is pricey, especially if the ghostwriter is not well-known. So you may have to send out 1,000 direct mails before you see anything. But it only takes a handful of leads to get you a salary that could last you the rest of the year.

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