Certified medical assistants are the fastest-growing occupation in the United States. Career opportunities for certified medical assistants are expected to triple in the next few years. It is because of the expansion of services in the health industry due to the scientific advances in the field of medicine. Also, with the development and growth in medical practices, clinics, medical centers, hospitals, medicinal, and health care facilities; the need for additional certified medical assistants is essential.

Medical assistants’ duties and responsibilities are to carry out regular administrative and clinical tasks. Medical assistants provide the required daily support to maintain the efficiency and smoothness of the chiropractors, podiatrist, doctors, and other health care practitioners’ duties.

The duties of certified medical assistants vary in accordance with the State Law. Some certified medical assistants gather and perform basic laboratory test while some certified medical assistants specialize in a particular health care areas. On the other hand, certified medical assistants do not examine, treat, or diagnose patients as a physician would. Some certified medical assistants perform various medical administrative occupations. While some certified medical assistants only assist in the appointments, hospital admissions, or billing and bookkeeping. Some only do office works in hospitals and clinics.

To be a certified medical assistant, one must be a graduate of an accredited medical assisting program. The certification program for medical assistants is a voluntary process by which is supported by various medical organizations. To be eligible for certification, one must enroll in a medical school that is accredited by the “Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs” or “Accrediting Bureau of Health Education School”. The instructors of these vocational or technical institutes that offer certification programs are certified medical assistants.

Certified medical assistants must undergo a test that is issued by the “National Board of Medical Examiners” or the “American Association of Medical Assistants” or the “American Medical Technologists” or the “National Healthcareer Association”. The certification exams for certified medical assistants are offered twice a year on over two hundred examination sites across the United States.

Earning the status of being a certified medical assistant is achieved after a triumphant completion of the examination and recertification usually done every five years in order to maintain the certified status.

Further professional advancements in the certified medical assistant career include the advancing to office and administrative support profession. Some may opt to teach in institutes. And with additional education one may proceed to other health career professions such as nursing and medical technology.

There are lots of benefits to a certified medical assistant. Certified medical assistants are highly recognized and are easily hired. So if you are thinking of having a career change, try to consider becoming a certified medical assistant.

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