Depending on which company supplies your credit card and which credit card you have, you are likely to have access to a whole range of additional services that come along with your credit card. These will be different for all credit card providers who each offer their own benefits and advantages to their customers.

Some credit cards will offer you special discounts or benefits from specific stores or companies. So you may for example get a discount for all purchases you make from a specific company. This will especially be the case if the credit card provider is in some way affiliated with a store or major retailer.

Another benefit you may get from your credit card is when you rent a car. Many credit card companies will offer you car rental insurance when you use the card to pay for the car rental. The same may be true of booking flights or other travel purchases. A benefit of the credit card may that it provides you with free travel insurance. These are especially popular with American credit cards.

Loyalty schemes may give you points, air miles, or some other form of reward for every pound you spend with your credit card. So simply by using your credit card, you will be collecting loyalty points that will soon add up. You can then use them to claim a cash refund or some other reward. If you are collecting air miles then you will be able to use them to book free plane tickets or upgrade your flights to business or first class.

One of the other big advantages of making a purchase with your credit card is that the credit card company will have to guarantee the quality of the item you purchase. So if, for example, you buy a sweater with your credit card, and it turns out to be of defective quality, then you will have two options, you can go to the seller of the sweater for a refund. But sometimes you will be unable to seek a refund from the retailer, such as if you bought it from somewhere far away from where you live, or you cannot get a refund from the retailer for whatever reason, in this circumstance, you can instead turn to the credit card company and claim the refund from them instead. This is a major advantage of using your credit card to pay for purchases.

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