If you think that driving in the fog is much safer compared to driving in the snow or in a torrential downpour, then think again. The truth behind fogs is that driving through one increases your chances of meeting accidents or collisions much greater than you think.

If you happened to turn on your television set just recently, you would have learned that there was an accident in China that was related to driving in foggy conditions. There were a dozen or so tracks that went colliding into one another. There were a couple of people dead and a greater number of hurt and wounded. That just simply goes to show that we should not underestimate the power of the fog.

When driving during a foggy day, it is important that you drive slowly. With the fog, the usual thing that you would experience is a shortened range of vision. Now, if you are driving slowly, you would be able to stop your vehicle immediately if you need to. Also, it is important to turn on your lights. That way, you are letting others know that you are on the road.

If you are about to leave the road, make sure that you are completely out of it. You should turn off all your driving lights and keep in mind to turn on your flashers. This kind of situation actually gives other motorists the message that you are somewhere off the road, and you would not be driving back just yet.

Keeping your windows clear could be quite a problem for you. You can ask for the assistance of your windshield wipers as well as your defroster. These would help out greatly in keeping your windows and windshield clear.

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