One of the most essential components of a good home theater is its speakers. You simply cannot achieve that theater atmosphere if you do not have good speakers from which to enjoy the sound that is such a vital part of a good ‘movie going’ experience. The problem is that most people are easily confused as to which speakers they really need for their home entertainment systems as well as the proper placement of those speakers in order to create a true surround sound.

The following are the basic speakers that are required to complete a good home theater: front left and right speakers, a center channel speaker, surround sound speakers, and subwoofers. Center channel speakers are overlooked and left out of many home theaters. I recommend against doing so as these speakers supply a good portion of the soundtrack in many movies as well as add fullness and depth to the dialogue.

Surround sound speakers are what provide the background sounds that make the movies seem more real. These are the things that draw viewers into movies and add a little bit of excitement to the process of watching a movie. As such, they are very important to include in your home theater, as they will help match the theater experience. Common options for surround sound speakers include 5.1 channel, 6.1 channel, or 7.1 channel surround.

Subwoofers are responsible for the deep bass sound that lines so many movie soundtracks. These sounds are responsible for creating emotion and drama within the soundtrack and are excellent at establishing suspense and other emotions that are an important part of the movie experience. A good set of subwoofers is essential in your home theater speaker package or you will miss out on a good deal of the adrenaline that is created as a result of sound in theaters.

While there are many brands from which to choose it is important that you choose speakers that will work well together by creating a similar sound. The best option for this is to purchase all speakers together in one kit by one maker. It may be tempting in order to save funds to mix and match speakers but this will not create the true quality of sound you are hoping to achieve in your home theater.

In addition to the many brands of speakers for your home theater, you may also find that there are also many different styles of speakers. There are those that sit on bookshelves, satellite speakers, and floor speakers. Floor speakers in most cases provide the best sound. On the downside, they also take up the most real estate within your room which can be fairly limiting and make them an unattractive option for many. You even had the added bonus of wireless speakers emerging in quality and capacity.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to speakers for your home theater. They will make a huge impact on the overall theater effect of your system but like every other component, the speakers are still a matter of taste. Some people prefer watching movies at home because they can control the volume and do not feel the suspense and such as significantly as they do in theaters. For those, you may want to lower the volume for your surround speakers or your subwoofers. However, the primary objective is to create a home theater you can enjoy and proper speakers contribute greatly to that enjoyment.

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