What does it mean to develop through self-organization? How can this task be accomplished? What it means is that when you organize your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, as well as your personal life you can use the healthy techniques to work through self-development.

When the mind is organized, it gives you the power to maneuver through self-development successfully. Since self-development is a long-drawn-out process it is important that you keep a clear mind. Through self-organization, you can produce that clear mind.

How can I produce a clear mind through self-organization?

First, when you learn to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors it empowers the mind by giving it space to grow. Since life is based on space and time, we need this space to continue growing. Self-organization then gives you the time you will need to discover you and work through the obstacles. You will find it easier to build skills and talents.

Despite that, you may think that you are not talented at something; you do have strengths that you are not aware of. For instance, anyone can overcome self-defeating patterns, yet to do this that person must learn to explore.

If you are self-organized, you will find the power within you to step away from those self-defeat habits. Self-organization then builds strength of mind. The strength you develop will help you master your weaknesses. This is why we are all encouraged to discover our strengths and weaknesses while manipulating through self-development.

How do I discover my strengths and weaknesses?

First, you must decide what strength is true and what a weakness is. Since so much information has been distorted over the centuries; one must measure the truth by discovering real weaknesses and strengths. For instance, if you smoke, you must overcome this real weakness if you want to reap the full benefits of self-development and good health. If you have the strength of an ox and use it to hurt someone, then this is not a valid strength, rather it is a weakness.

By defining weaknesses and strengths, one can discover what he must do in order to manipulate through self-development. In addition, you will expand your self-organizing skills. Therefore, get that pen, paper, and brain out and put them in action. Write down what you think is your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses you discover. Try to figure out what is a valid strength or weakness and go through the progression of elimination to correct any wrongs.

You will have a dictionary and thesaurus on hand a valuable asset. When you start to write, and find some areas of confusion, use your dictionary to discover the real meaning. Analyze all aspects of the definition in order to determine what is factual to you. Keep it honest. Try to avoid distorting what you learn. Keep an open mind and look at the big picture. When you analyze and look at the big picture while keeping it honest you will become well versed, which broadens the mind.

It is one of the processes of cultivating self-organization skills and will make self-development much easier to accomplish. You have the power within you to accomplish any goal you set your mind to achieve. Therefore, use your inner strengths to gear you up for developing you. Use self-talk practices. Since it is, ultimately the one gift we all have that will help us to master anything we put our mind to achieve. You have other natural abilities. We encourage that you find these innate abilities so that you can find the strength to succeed.

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