Whether you are fifteen or thirty-five, dating is something that should be thought about and done carefully. There are few if any areas of your life that you should proceed with as much caution in as dating.

Before anyone thinks of dating someone else, they should take some time to evaluate themselves and their current life situation. Someone with large questions about who they are or about what want to do in life should be hesitant to enter into a dating situation. The more you know yourself and the better your life is before you begin dating, the better chance you have that dating will add to the quality of your life. Ask yourself hard questions about who you are and about the kind of dating relationship you hope to have.

It is equally important to consider carefully the kind of person that you hope to begin a dating relationship. The more you know yourself, the better you will understand what kind of person or personality will best complement who you are in a dating relationship. We have all heard it said that “opposites attract,” and in many cases this is true. So, for example, if you tend to be an outgoing person who loves attention, the chances are high that you should not begin dating someone with a similar personality. The person you choose to date should be someone that shares common interests and values with you. There is nothing better than dating the right person at the right time and for the right reason. However, there is equally nothing worse than dating the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

A third major thing to consider before you begin dating someone is your expectations for the relationship. It is always wise to enter a new relationship with an understanding of the things you expect both to give to it and to receive from it. Be honest with yourself in this process. If you expect to spend time with the person you are dating every single day, then you should let that person know your expectations from the start. Or if, perhaps, you are looking to date someone while continuing with other things in your life, then be honest about that upfront as well.

Dating can be one of the most fun and beneficial things in life. It is always wise to be thinking the long-term and the big picture when you enter a dating situation. Do not start dating someone that you know for sure you could never marry and spend the rest of your life with. So take your time and answer some serious questions before you get yourself into a serious dating relationship and realize it is wrong.

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