Being a social butterfly is often the first inclination people have when it comes to public speaking. They are seeking the spotlight and attention, not realizing that the same attention does not come with the same level of skill.

It is often in meetings or at work that many people start to feel shy or self-conscious about speaking up. In the office, people get used to being observed, or perhaps they are embarrassed to admit that they do not always “speak well”.

When you have no fear of embarrassment or judgment, you tend to speak differently. You tend to use more words, and you speak at a higher pitch. People with this personality are comfortable in front of a crowd.

There is nothing wrong with being at a high stage in your career, or when you are in a group setting. Sometimes, however, this will create anxiety when faced with an audience.

People sometimes ask me, “How can I be a better public speaker?” Now I always respond with one question, “What have you done today?” Many times people don’t have a planned speech for a presentation, or perhaps they have not had a lot of practice or have just started practicing, or maybe the presenters have a method for addressing an audience.

However, the truth is, many of these types of problems, have no value in the end. However, if you can identify the problem, you are not stuck with a public speaking problem but can learn how to address an audience with greater confidence.

Stress management is a good place to start. After all, you must know how to relax, and if you become more aware of how much stress you are feeling on a regular basis, you will know when you need to change something.

In addition, it can be helpful to find ways to de-stress on a regular basis, as well as knowing how to remain calm when under pressure. Just the sound of a doorbell or ringing of a phone can cause feelings of anxiety. It is something that you must be able to control.

There are many different methods of helping with stress. Some people believe that just sleeping is enough, while others believe that taking time out for themselves is important. Each person has to determine what works best for them.

Finally, public speaking can be learned. For some people, the simplest way to learn is to read a book on public speaking and then practice what you have learned.

If you are fearful of public speaking or have trouble with it, don’t let it keep you from your career. These problems will lead to fear of others, which could be just as damaging.

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