Contact lenses have made lives simpler for millions of people worldwide, today no matter what part of the globe you are from if you have ever worn a pair of glasses in your life chances are you have considered getting contact lenses. Contact lenses are worn by over 125 million people the world over. Apart from helping people get rid of glasses, contact lenses also offer many more features than conventional visual aids like glasses cannot offer.

As mentioned earlier the biggest advantage of contact lenses is that they are almost invisible, and unless a person tells you he or she is wearing contact lenses it is almost impossible to find out. A majority of the people in the world today wear contact lenses for this cosmetic purposes alone. It is not uncommon for people to completely ditch their glasses in exchange for contact lenses. Apart from making people with glasses look prettier, contact lenses also have more scientific advantages spectacles to do not have.

Compared to a pair of glasses, contact lenses allow for a much wider field of vision. Since glasses are limited in that they have very little or no visibility at the extreme ends they are disadvantageous to people like sportsmen and soldiers. In fact, most infantry soldiers with glasses prefer contact lenses as they provide a better field of vision, and modern-day contact lenses can be worn for long durations of time without any problems. Also, contact lenses are not bulky or prone to breakage like spectacles. People that are involved in manual labor or sports activities like football, baseball, etc cannot dream of wearing spectacles to work. This is where contact lenses have a unique advantage.

Another advantage that contact lenses have when compared to spectacles is that contact lenses do not steam or fog like spectacles, also contact lenses are unaffected by rain and other weather conditions that directly affect glasses. A popular area where contact lenses are being used today is altering the color of the iris, by wearing cosmetic lenses a person can alter the color of his or her eyes within minutes. Most cosmetic contact lenses are certified by the FDA and can be used without any additional complications, however, all contact lens users are advised to maintain proper hygiene while using contact lenses.

If you are currently wearing spectacles and considering switching over to contact lenses then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Contact lenses require a little more care when compared to glasses. Also, contact lenses cannot be worn for a longer duration of time in the beginning. It takes time for the eye to adjust to the contact lenses, so if you are expecting to get used to your new contact lenses immediately think again. Also, if you are part of a profession where glasses are actually impairing your day-to-day activities then it is always a good idea to get yourself a pair of contact lenses. Remember always get professional help and use only prescribed contact lenses.

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