As you know, too much of anything is not good. This also applies to the use of drugs for pain relief. Being too dependent on drugs is also not good for your body. Because of this fact, many people are now turning to electronic machines or devices for pain relief. If you don’t want to feel any side effects from the use of pain reliever drugs, the best option would be the devices or machines. Such digital machines are convenient because once you wear them the pain-relieving action takes effect. Your routine activities are not even affected.

Have you ever about the effectiveness of TENs? TENs or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation works through your skin. In order to use it, you will put the patch on the skin area where you feel any pain. This conductive patch will serve as the entry point of the electrical impulses from the TENs machine.

Your brain tells you that you’re in pain. The electronic impulses from the machine block the sensory nerves of your body so that the pain signals cannot go to the brain. If the pain signals are blocked, you will not feel any pain; thus, resulting to pain relief. The machine generates signals that aid in the release of feel-good hormones or endorphins.

Back pain is quite common and if you’re also suffering from it, you can try using the machine. According to a Swedish study, the machine really works. In fact, about 70% of workers were satisfied with the pain-relieving results of the TENs.

The recent Ten kits already come with an electrical probe which can help in stimulating the acupuncture points of your body. The machines always come with caution so that users will know where to put the pads. For neck and head pain, you should follow the machine instructions so that you can determine the acupuncture points or the channels. Read the manual carefully so that you won’t encounter any problems.

For the machine to be effective, you should know how to position the electrode pads. If you’re suffering from joint or muscle pain, the pads should be positioned near the pain source. For those suffering from nerve pain (sciatic), the pads should be placed over the sides of the spinal column and the legs top portion. Consult your medical specialist and ask about the machine. There are lots of medical practitioners out there who encourage the use of TENs. They can help you in effectively using the equipment. Proper placement of the electrode pads is vital. Always follow the guideline of the manufacturer so that you can get the best results. Keep in mind that the electrode pads should not be placed over the brain/neck/throat nerves, as well as near your eyes.

The machine allows users to control the electrical signals received by the body. You should always check for the settings of the machine. Muscle twitching is an indication that the control setting is too high. Make sure that you feel only tingling sensations when using the TENs.

Don’t use the machine without the supervision of a qualified medical professional. You see, not all pain conditions can be relieved by the machine. Through expert help, you can determine if the TENs are the most suitable pain relief option for you. Ask your doctor now and if he or she recommends the use of the machine, you can always try it out.

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