Sleep apnea is a condition in which the individual experiencing it experiences more than one episode of pauses in breathing during sleep. The individual will usually wake up from a brief pause in breathing but may eventually go for a number of hours without waking up from it. The other person may notice that he or she is not breathing at all.

This is not just a medical condition but is not simply something that occurs due to a lack of rest. It has been found that one of the reasons why the number of people having sleep apnea is increasing is due to lifestyle changes. It has been found that more people are smoking, drinking alcohol, and consuming caffeine in larger amounts than in previous years.

These changes in our lifestyle are leading to a condition in which the muscles in the throat relax during sleep and cause the airway to become obstructed, causing the sounds of a snoring individual to be heard throughout the room. This is the reason why apnea has been deemed as a form of sleep disorder. Sleeping on one’s back also causes sleep apnea.

Those who suffer from this sleep disorder can experience other more serious consequences. They have been found to experience shortness of breath in their entire lifetime, which can lead to a number of complications such as collapse and heart attacks.

People who experience this condition should visit a doctor and be diagnosed as soon as possible. This will help to identify the exact causes of their sleep apnea, and thus be able to get the most suitable treatment for them.

There are various treatments available today that help people deal with their sleep apnea. It is important to work with the physician to find out what can be done to alleviate the effects.

In some cases, surgical treatment is necessary. This is normally for patients who have completely obstructive sleep apnea. In some cases, nose surgery is needed to help one stop snoring.

Mouthpieces and nasal strips may also be used to address the obstruction by the voice box, while other such physical devices might be needed to address the obstruction from the airway. These types of devices also help to control a person’s breathing, especially when sleeping on one’s back.

There are also simple things that can be done to address the sleep apnea problem. It is important to start sleeping on one’s side instead of on one’s back when sleeping. By changing this small thing in your sleep routine, you can begin to see some real results.

Relaxation exercises may also be helpful to deal with sleep apnea. Lying in a position that allows more air to flow through the body may help in some cases. In others, lying on your stomach may work well as well.

Physical therapy can also be used. By exercising one’s arms and legs, the strength in the neck and spine can be helped to better support the body, thus eliminating the various problems that cause sleep apnea.

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