When it comes to hair loss, women experience more hair loss than men do. This is due to genetics, hormonal changes, and weight changes.

But what causes the various types of hair loss? Well, hormones such as estrogens and testosterone change during puberty and pregnancy. These hormones stimulate the hair follicles.

However, some women also experience hair loss during menopause. Menopause is the time when your ovaries stop producing estrogen and this is when the glands go into overproduction mode. This causes your body to produce more androgen.

Another cause of hair loss in women is pregnancy. Women tend to lose their hair during the nine months or so of pregnancy and this is why most women tend to have a receding hairline or a thinning crown. Androgen levels also increase because of this period.

Stress can also cause hair loss for some women and this is an age-old theory. This is due to the fact that stress is known to cause a number of illnesses and this includes hair loss.

Weight loss and exercise are often recommended for people wanting to stop losing their hair. Losing weight can reverse a lot of hair loss problems. The hormonal imbalances are easily reversed by losing weight and you will not be able to see the thinning hair.

Exercise is also known to help cure hair loss. Women who engage in daily exercise find that they are happier and healthier.

Finally, stress is also a very important cause of hair loss. Some women find that stress from work, relationship problems, and other problems can contribute to their hair loss.

Women experiencing stress are often asked not to take so much on the medications that women normally take. Some women may have to decrease their medication dosage so that they don’t suffer from stress-related hair loss. However, there is no guarantee that the medication will work and if you do not work on the problem you will have to deal with the hair loss all over again.

Overall, women can get some relief from their hair loss by following these steps. The use of natural remedies is one of the best solutions. It can combat any hormonal problems and will encourage the re-growth of your hair.

While there is no guarantee that you will not experience hair loss, the tips below can help you cope with your hair loss problems. Your goal should be to regrow the amount of hair that you lost and not just to look healthy.

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