Every game needs a specific set of equipment in order to be competent. I have yet to see a professional player without his own set of bowling supplies. It doesn’t add to the stature as one may oppose but having a proper mindset on the game is always invaluable to your performance on the lane. And having your own supplies do contribute strongly to your mindset.

A number of my friends a while back had started going with me to my regular bowling sessions and soon enough the game hooked them. So when I noticed them visiting the local bowling centers quite regularly, I advised them to have their own bowling supplies so that they can move towards the next step to becoming a decent player.

Bowling is perhaps one of those games that require so much equipment but the most critical of the bowling supplies are in fact few.

Bowling Ball

This is your main weapon, your ace, and your bat. Of all the bowling supplies, this comes first. Why? Choosing the right ball can compensate for your weakness; plastic or polyester balls for accuracy and reactive balls for stronger hooks. Likewise, there are balls that do perform better in certain conditions.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are built for one effect -sliding. If you have an idea on how to perform a correct ball delivery, you can appreciate the effect of a sliding shoe. One shoe sole affords the essential slide, and the other gives the brake.

These are the core item every serious bowler should have. Without these, performance could be severely degraded. The next list features the secondary bowling supplies bowlers should consider obtaining.

Bowling Bags

Every bowler’s handy organizer. The fact that it has compartments intended for a bowling ball should claim importance. Quite logical, too, to keep your bowling supplies in a bowling bag since it specifically made to accommodate every bowler’s items such as bowling shoes and bowling ball compartment, a feature that lacks in ordinary bags.


Towels have a handful of uses: to clean bowling balls and to clean hands, to clean the floor, and to wipe away perspiration. No one objects to the importance of towels. Just remember to bring several for each use.

I could go on prattling about bowling supplies, but it only goes with the adage: if you think you’re going to need it, then bring it. A powder, extra shoelaces, a shoe brush to clean shoe soles, hand conditioner, rosin, sole pads and slugs or inserts, or even fingernail clippers. Just bring it for it to be when the time of need arises.

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