IPL acne scars are a popular option, not over expensive, and not always effective laser treatments. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light.

This treatment is usually more cost-effective in large part due to the fact that the machines themselves are less expensive to buy and operate. Even so, the results for many have been very good. Another reason IPL treatments are so inexpensive compared to other options is that you don’t have to go to a dermatologist to get the treatments done, you can have aestheticians perform the treatments right in their office.

Several medical journals have reported that IPL does offer improvement of acne scars and that the method was a viable option for raised and inflamed acne scars. The study showed the effects were more pronounced on smaller scars. There has also been evidence to suggest that this treatment can help encourage collagen growth which is necessary for smoothing out the damaged skin and filling in the indents of scarring.

IPL can be used to treat scars in a variety of sizes and depths. While most commonly used for scarring of the face, IPL can also be used to effectively treat scars all over the body and those that have been caused by other things other than acne.

IPL is a non-surgical procedure and you don’t need anesthesia during the procedure. You won’t need to take time off of work or from your other activities as a result of having this treatment. The procedure works like this: a device, which looks somewhat like a lamp, emits a highly concentrated burst of high-intensity light, these light beams will penetrate through the first layer of skin to the underlying damaged skin. The type of light beams used will vary from patient to patient based on how deep the undesired skin condition is. The beams will destroy the unwanted damaged areas of skin while leaving everything else intact. It also encourages new growth.

Most patients will see results after just one treatment, the larger and deeper the scar is the more treatments it will require to achieve maximum results. IPL will decrease discoloration more quickly than it will repair the textural damage of a scar. These treatments are permanent and once you’ve achieved the desired results you won’t need to have another treatment. If you have a lot of scarring and /or large, deep scars you may need to schedule your treatments over a period of time and allow a healing time between each session.

Side effects are rare but the most common ones are skin irritation at the site of the procedure as well as redness, itchiness, and occasional swelling. You must be extremely careful out in the sun since you will experience a heightened sensitivity to sunlight after a treatment.

IPL acne scars is an effective treatment that can make it permanently possible to reverse your skin irregularities caused by acne or any other type of problem. It’s cost-effective and works well so it should definitely be something you consider before making a final decision.

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