For many of us, getting creative with gift-giving can be just as painful as a trip to the dentist. It takes time and energy to come up with a gift that tops last year’s talking fish. And just who has extra time these days? While many families across America are rubbing their foreheads, stumped for a cool idea, others are saving time and frustration by turning to the Internet.

Searching for the words “Father’s Day Gift” may yield some interesting results-a giant flame-retardant barbecue mitt shaped like a crab claw, the tie that you never have to tie-and a lot of the same old, same old, such as the latest golf accessories. Happily, there is hope.

This year give Dad something he can enjoy well after Father’s Day. Give him a gift that is personalized and tells him just how much you care. Families have long shared memories and good times through photography. For a few years now, photo services have added a twist on the traditional framed 8″x10″ by offering the picture mug, T-shirt, and mouse pad to keep the family in front of Dad. This year, it’s time to think bigger and better.

What about a canvas print from that winter camping trip at Yosemite, with artistic touches that make it resemble a real painting? You may have seen a “gallery wrap” canvas print, where the canvas is wrapped around a wood frame rather than sitting inside a traditional frame. Those sure look nice, but they are also expensive. Now you can create that art print or portrait at just a fraction of the price.

Pixel Outpost guides the first-time online photoshopper through the process in less than five minutes. You simply upload your photo and go. Your prints ship in a day and come ready to frame or stretch. And if you follow the site’s guidelines and produce a standard size print, you’ll be able to do the framing yourself with off-the-shelf materials.

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