Corrective contact lenses are the first place in contact lens evolution, yet how did non-corrective contact lenses (colored contact lenses) come to dominate the market that is principally aimed to correct eye failures?

It’s the truth about cosmetic contact lenses. Properly called Plano lenses, these lenses have been making waves with their extensive interest these days. Suggestiveness and casualness aren’t conveyed into actions and words no more; one single glance can already tell as much. Subtle movements have begun to take profound meaning and a number of eye movements have taken a whole new language. That’s the magic attributed to striking eyes and colored contact lenses.

Are you interested in getting this optical enchantment? If you are, you need to be guided by these several guidelines.

As with just any other material placed in proximity with biological elements like implants and in our case contact lens, hazards are naturally procured. It is only the steps to ensure that these hazards are contained if not minimized. That makes sharing contact lenses a very bad idea. Tear substance composition differs erratically with everyone and allergic reactions may be experienced if body fluids are mixed. And speaking of body fluids, while there had been no such incident wherein gave diseases are passed with the use of contact lenses; no one would want to be first. And certainly would you.

That makes prescription colored contact lenses commendable than getting it without a prescription. There’s a risk of blindness in using colored contact lenses, and getting it without professional consultation poses a graver risk. In fact, because of mounting concerns about eye problems due to poor labeling, H.R. Bill 371 was introduced in November 2005. In a nutshell, contact lens users should always be careful, especially with these foreign objects that sit atop a very sensitive membrane of a highly important body part. Proper care and usage can be learned in any eye specialist.

By the way, curiosity still kills the cat. As much as it is lauded to experiment and try out several colors and several feels, it’s best to have a systematic approach in choosing the right colors. There are several approaches to choosing the colors correctly. It can be personality-wise or natural color-wise. Like for instance, green color contact lenses depict a mischievous and devious character, while pale gray (silver) or all black can emanate an aura of mystery and vagueness. Contrasting color combination also comes highly prized, like; black skin tone goes remarkably well with the bright-colored lens

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