When it comes to finding the appropriate acne scars solution for your particular situation, you’ll be pleased to know that you have a lot of options. For most people, it would make sense starting with the least expensive, least invasive procedure possible and only move up to the more costly treatments if you haven’t gotten the results you wanted.

Make sure you allow up to a year to allow your skin to heal itself. Most scars will either fade or be gone completely in a year and you won’t need to worry about any additional treatments. Your body is made to heal itself and your skin is no different you should allow it time to do its job. Of course, if your scars are really deep your body probably won’t be able to repair that much damage on its own.

You should also consider waiting until your acne breakouts are controlled. There isn’t much sense, especially with the expensive treatments, to spend a lot of money on treatments to get rid of scarring if you are still suffering from bad acne and will likely just get more scarring. Wait until you’re mostly past this phase before you worry about treating your scars.

Here is a list of some of the most common treatments for acne scarring. I’ve arranged them from the easiest and cheapest first down to the more expensive and invasive:

1. Natural cures. This can cover anything from olive oil to urine. There is a lot of evidence that shows these natural and or herbal remedies can be extremely effective in treating acne scars. The great thing about these treatments is that they are extremely low cost and you can do it yourself right at home.

2. Doctor prescribed treatments. These will generally consist of a cream that you apply to your skin several times a day. The prescriptions, not to mention the doctor’s visit, can be fairly expensive. The creams are harsh and you may experience some irritation. With many of these remedies, you will experience hypersensitivity to sunlight so you have to be very careful when you go out.

3. The more expensive solutions, and more invasive, are things like laser treatments, chemical peels, and IPL therapy. These procedures basically will either remove the top layer of damaged skin and encourage quicker growth of the underlying layers, or will target a beam of light directly through the top layer of skin and work on the undesirable damaged lower layer of skin. They tend to be quite expensive and results will vary greatly from one patient to the next and depending on the size and depth of your scars. If you want to look into any of these options just make sure you have a thorough understanding of what you can realistically expect as well as how many sessions you’ll likely need, and of course, the cost.

Now you have an idea of some acne scars solution available. All of these solutions have had some success, some more than others, but none of them is successful 100% of the time. It’s important for you to find the solution that will work for you and your unique situation.

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