The more links your website receives over time, the higher its PageRank will prove to be. Since Google puts a lot of value on PageRank when it comes to search engine rankings, having your PageRank as high as possible should be a must-do on your website promotion agenda.

Article submission is a great method of building links back to your website, and thus PageRank. Many SEO professionals use article submissions as a strategic weapon in their web marketing campaign. The reason is simple: submitting your article to article directories builds a good amount of inbound links over time.

You’ll receive links and traffic not only from the article directories themselves but other places too. The articles you post can be syndicated by other websites which eventually leads to even more traffic and links for your website.

It’s important that you don’t copy content from other articles, this will render your article submissions pretty much ineffective. If you write your articles, so they are 100% unique, then you’ll see much better results.

Take care when creating your “About the Author” or “Author Biography”. This small resource box is the path that leads back to your website, so make sure you plan it out well. Include at least two links back to your website and pages within your website. Make sure the anchor text is targeted keywords – they should be keywords people search for when they look for your website’s topic. This will build your strength in that keyword, and thus help your search engine rankings and traffic.

If you don’t want to write the article and submit it to countless article directories yourself, you can always hire a freelancer that will spend the time to do it for you. Make sure they do a good job though, you’ll want quality over quantity. If webmasters pick up your articles to use as content for their own website, then you’ll get even more links and thus an even higher PageRank.

Be wary when using article submission software for your article submissions. Compared to hand submissions, automatic submissions aren’t as effective unless you are submitting to a massive amount of article directories at once.

Others would recommend a manual article submission strategy, selecting a handful of article directories, and submitting their unique articles to them. Select article directories with a decent PageRank, your website will benefit from it. The manual submission strategy I feel is the best, as you can be sure you’ll receive the backlinks when you submit the articles yourself.

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