During the earlier days, people primarily used their instincts as well as their psychic abilities in order to figure out the world and live life in such a way that they will attract positive energy at all times. However, it has become a totally different scenario nowadays, especially that we now live in such a materialistic world wherein scientific technologies and discoveries rule our lives.

Although these things make the lives of human beings much easier and bearable, they have also, unfortunately, created a barrier between us and a thing called spirituality. With such blockade obstructing our minds and hearts, we are then limited to what we can only sense and therefore, hinder us from achieving spiritual development.

Shield From Temptations And Negative Energies

Truly, it is very important that we are able to achieve spiritual development in our lives, especially in the world that we live in. Essentially, it can be our tool in shielding us from the temptations and negative energies which the modern life presents to us. With a developed spirituality within us, it can therefore be much easier for us to ignore materialistic fantasies and desires and stresses coming from the busy and hectic demands of the world. What is more, when we have finally obtained a developed spirituality, it only means that we have freed ourselves from becoming victims of the negative energies that surround us. In other words, we can always do something to protect ourselves from the things that can harm us; not only to our physical bodies but also our mentality and balance as well.

Auras Emanating From Within Ourselves

All of us have an inner spirituality and energy which generally emanate from our bodies. This is what many people call our aura. Basically, our aura comprises the things which our body holds including our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. A person with a lively aura may simply mean that he is satisfied with all the beings present inside him. And when a person emanates a negative aura, it means exactly the other way around. However, auras are not only emanated but can also be shared with another person. This means that if a person exudes a negative aura in him, he can definitely influence other people’s aura into being in the same state.

Negativity Making It Worse For Human Beings

Furthermore, it is true that our world today is filled with such negative auras and unhealthy temptations. Many people are deprived of spiritual development simply because they are distracted by the countless materialistic things which they think are indispensable in order to survive. And what is more, instead of making people content and fulfilled with their lives, these materialistic things only make it worse for them? And so what happens is that they are ushered into wanting more making them more focused on materialism instead of on developing their own spirituality. Clearly, as long as a person does not recognize that having a fully developed spirituality is necessary, he can never be satisfied and happy with his life.

Therefore, as soon as you feel unhappy about yourself, you must immediately fight that vulnerability to be attracted to all the negative energies around you. Such a state is very difficult to handle especially if you do not want to open your mind and heart to make your very own spiritual development. One thing is for sure, for as long as you stay in a negative state, you will certainly be geared towards getting engaged in unhealthy and negative activities as well as experiences.

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