Even if you are a hard-core coffee drinker, you are bound to get hungry in the middle of the day. When that happens, you don’t want to feel like you are at the bottom of the cup when you grab a cup of coffee to eat your breakfast. There are some innovative ideas you can use to help you enjoy your morning coffee without wasting a whole pot of it.

Start with a good cup of coffee. Not too much caffeine but just enough to start your day off right. If you find it hard to resist the strong taste of coffee, you may want to try the milder alternatives such as decaf.

You can easily transform a cup of coffee into a delicious drink by adding a twist to it called a “Cappuccino”. This is when you add milk to the coffee and mix it in the coffee. The result is a delicious cup of coffee with a little kick. It will be nice if you can drink the coffee cold, so you don’t end up drinking it hot.

To make a Cappuccino, add the coffee, milk, and a dash of sweetener to a blender and blend it well. You can also add milk into the coffee at this stage. Let it cool for a while and then strain it through a fine strainer.

It’s a wonderful thing to see how quickly and easily it can transform a cup of coffee into a delicious beverage. No matter what type of coffee you drink, you will be able to enjoy this new invention.

Another great way to save on coffee is to make it in a can. Since canning coffee is much cheaper than the process of making it from fresh beans, it is definitely a way to cut back on the cost of your morning cup of coffee.

You can also add in coffee extract or even chocolate if you like to have something to go with your coffee. Make sure that you add the chocolate or coffee separately since chocolate tends to spoil a lot quicker than coffee.

No matter what type of milk you use, make sure that you are using low-fat milk since it will do a better job of staying colder longer. It is easier to store and will keep your coffee warmer longer. Try using low-fat yogurt or full-fat yogurt for a low-fat alternative to milk.

Don’t forget that you can easily make coffee warm and caffeinated without any added milk or cream by heating your coffee in the microwave. It’s easier to add in milk since the heat that comes out of the machine is enough to add in cream and milk.

The best thing about this way of making coffee is that you can add whole eggs if you wish. When eggs are blended together, they actually add a lot of flavor to your coffee.

Remember to not overcook your coffee beans though. The coffee will taste a bit bitter because of the overcooked beans.

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